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CITY HALL COUNCIL CHAMBERS 1275 MAIN STREET EL CENTRO, CA 92243 City of El Centro Page 1 Notice is hereby given that the Mayor of the City of El Centro has called a Special Meeting of the El Centro City Council to consider the item(s) on this agenda. Mayor & Council Members may be reached at (760) 336-8989 Mayor: 







1. Adopt Resolution reciting the fact and declaring the results of the General Municipal Election held on November 6, 2018. PRESENTATION: L. Diane Caldwell, City Clerk RECOMMENDATION: Adopt Resolution No. 18- , RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EL CENTRO, CALIFORNIA, RECITING THE FACT OF THE GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION HELD ON NOVEMBER 6, 2018 DECLARING THE RESULT AND SUCH OTHER MATTERS PROVIDED BY LAW Agenda City Council of the City of El Centro December 12, 2018 City of El Centro Page 2 RECOGNITION OF OUTGOING MAYOR VIEGAS-WALKER

2. Presentation of Mayor's Plaque by Mayor Pro-Tem Garcia to outgoing Mayor Viegas-Walker recognizing her service as Mayor for 2017-2018.

3. Comments from outgoing Mayor Viegas-Walker and Council Members.

4. Presentation of Album of Events by City Manager Marcela Piedra, to outgoing Mayor Viegas-Walker for her year of service as Mayor.

5. Presentations to outgoing Mayor Viegas-Walker. ADMINISTER OATHS OF OFFICE Council Members Viegas-Walker steps down from dais and Council Member-elect Oliva meets her at the front of the dais. 6. Administer Oaths of Office and presentation of Certificates of Election by Deputy City Clerk Norma Wyles.

RECESS Council Members Viegas-Walker and Oliva sign their oaths and take their seats on the dais. RECONVENE

7. Comments by incoming Council Member Oliva and Council Members. REORGANIZATION OF CITY COUNCIL Deputy City Clerk will preside over the selection of the new Mayor. All Members of the City Council are now on equal basis to nominate.

8. Deputy City Clerk opens nominations for Mayor.

9. Newly selected Mayor assumes Chair and opens nominations for Mayor ProTem.

10. Closing remarks by incoming Mayor.

PUBLIC COMMENTS Any person wishing to address the City Council on any matter on this agenda, is asked to complete a "Speakers Slip" and submit it to the City Clerk prior to the start of the meeting. Unless the Mayor extends the time, there is a three minute time limit for each public comment. No comments on non-agenda items will be heard at this Special Meeting.


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